Eli now offers Mentoring Sessions over Skype!!!

If you are looking for career advice, business advice, or simply a second opinion of your plan of action you can schedule a time with Eli to discuss your individual issues.

Generally speaking the appointments are focused towards “Americans” that speak “fluent English”. The reason for this is that every country does business differently and it is no exaggeration for me to say I have absolutely no idea how most countries have functional economies after speaking with enough people from around the world.  The way most foreigners look at the United State’s health care system is the same way I look at their economic ones.  I simply don’t understand how it works… So I’ll talk with you, but you have to understand that generally speaking running a business in the US is much easier than many places in the world.

As far as language goes.  After having meetings with many people that speak english as a second language I have to say that it is very difficult to get simple ideas across…

When you have a meeting with me it’s a very simple process.  We skip the formalities and basically just jump into your questions.  Have a list of questions written out for yourself before hand, and then when we talk we’ll just go down the list.  Discussions are generally rambling so if you don’t have a written list to go to it’s easy to forget what you wanted to ask.

We use Skype for the meetings so you will need a Skype account.

Currently I have set the system to restrict appointments to only 2 per day, and you can book out up to 2 weeks in advance.